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Linear Recumbents folding Roadster was voted the Bent Rider Recumbent Bike of the Year for 2016!

“Linear’s designs have been slowly evolving over the years, and the bikes they build now have earned a very well-deserved and stellar reputation. The Roadster is already one of the best handling Short Wheelbase (SWB) recumbents that I’ve ridden and now the addition of a folding option just makes it that much better. And when Linear says it folds, they mean it really folds! Transporting a Roadster in any vehicle (including an airliner) is no challenge at all.” - Bryan Ball - 'BendRider Online Managing Editor

As of 10/7/2015 we are taking orders for the new 2016 Linear Folding Roadster. The introductory price is $2850.

We will have them in stock by 11/25/2015.

The short wheel base Roadster is available with USS or OSS.

I’m 6’2” and my 2016 Folding Linear Roadster folds, without tools, to under 45” long.

Folded it will easily fit in a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla trunk.

We fit FOUR Linears, a card table, a repair stand, an exercise stand, two adults and our luggage INSIDE a Scion Xa and drove to Cincinnati for the 2015 Recumbent Cycle Con.

We could even see out the rear view mirror!

Price: $2850

Technical Specs

Seat Height:  26"

Steering:  Under Seat or optional Over Seat

Crankset:   Shimano Deore 48-36-26 Crankset

Derailleurs:   Shimano Deore 9 speed rear

Shifters:   Shimano Dura Ace 27 speed bar-con levers

Brakes:   Rear Avid BB-7 disk

Gear Range:   20-108 inches

Wheels:    26” (559) Rear—20” (406) Front