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Linear Folding 2.0 LWB Recumbent Bicycle


Folding Linear at the Eiffel Tower

Folding Linear LWB at the Eiffel Tower in Paris


How would you get your recumbent to Paris?

Is your recumbent bike awkwardly large to transport or store? If you want to carry your recumbent on an airline, hide it in your car trunk, carry it up stairs to your apartment or just store it in a smaller space a folding bike would be great. But a reliable quiet bike would be nice too.


What to do? The Iowa vintage folding Linears were not that reliable and squeaked and creaked. The Linear long wheelbase bike pictured above in Paris (and 99% of the Linears you see on eBay) are this type bike. Not only are their frames known to fail occasionally, there are very few frame parts available to repair them.


More information on these Iowa vintage bikes is here: Iowa Linear Safety


As of 6/2013 we are working on new folding Linear Limo LR and Roadster models. We plan to have them available for sale in the spring of 2014. The Limo LR will only be available with USS but the Roadster will be available with USS or OSS. I?m 6?2? and a new Folding a Linear Limo LR or Roadster frame my size folds to less than 45? long. They will fold without tools to go in many car trunks; this takes a minute or two. Putting one in an airline travel case and padding it to avoid scratches will take a set of allen wrenches and take several minutes longer.

Click here to see full size image

Click Image to view Full Size


This is a picture of an Iowa made Linear Limo packed for airline travel. Even the wheels and seat fit in the case with the frame.

If your Linear is a 48? extra large you will need a longer, thinner case and will have to pack your seat separately.


The Bicycle Man also maintains a selection of parts and accessories for Linear recumbent bicycles.





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