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Linear Recumbent Bike Parts and Accessories


To order parts and accessories for your Linear Recumbent Bike call Peter at 607-587-8835 10:00 - 6:00, Eastern-time, Wednesday through Saturday.



Postage and Handling on parts orders in the US 48 states is $5.00 per order.

Linear Recumbent Repair Parts: Price:
Fork, 20" wheel, black, unthreaded for Ahead-set W/ V-brake bosses $69.95
Cane Creek aheadset to fit our threadless fork $36.90
Fork steering link plate, clamps on unthreaded fork $29.50
Steering-link, outer tube only $44.95
Steering-link, outer tube, with threaded insert $44.95
Steering-link inner "flute" tube only $39.95
Steering-link inner "flute" tube, W/threaded insert $44.95
Steering-link clamping collar $12.00
Safety Pin ("grenade pin") $5.60
Ball Stud & QR end (set of 1 male & 1 female) $39.95
Steering-link QR Joint (ea) $19.95
Ball Studs - specify #1, #2 or #3. $19.50
Click here for specific ball studs info  
Steering-link, complete $176.00
Steering Block, silver $38.95
Steering Block, black anodized $39.95
Bearing Set for USS handlebars, complete $25.60
USS Handlebar only $88.00
Handlebar-ends $29.95
Shimano Ultegra Bar-Con shifters, 8 Speed $94.95
Shimano Dura-Ace Bar-Con shifters, 9 Speed $109.95
***Bar-Cons are not recommended for shifting a 3x7 or 3x8 hub  
Seat block, silver $38.95
Seat block, black anodized $39.95
Seat Rod QR Joint, each $19.20
Seat Support Rod complete, each  $40.80
Seat Support Rod W/ends, Iowa built non adjustable, each $28.80
Seat Spreader Rod $9.60
Seat cushion & cover $39.95
Seat cushion cover only $24.95
2" seat cushion, foam only $15.95
Seat Cover, short back $69.00
Seat Cover new style tall back $89.95
RANS seat with mount & adjustable struts $545.00
Seat, complete, new style, with mesh, needs new style seat rods $232.00
Seat frame only, tall back, Iowa style, fits Iowa style seat rods $185.00
Adjustable seat rods, pair, old style, needs ball stud collars $65.00
Adjustable seat rods, pair, old style, with 4 ball stud collars $99.95
Adjustable seat rods, pair, new style, for new style seat frame $59.95
Linear Recumbent Bike Accessories: Price:
For Iowa vintage Linears:  
V-brake mount & adapter, clamp on, Fits Iowa LWB & SWB & tandem $59.95
Rack Adaptor, LWB $19.20 $19.20
Rear rack, fits rack adapter $29.50 $29.95
Kickstans/chain-idlers for Iowa & NY Linear recumbents  
Mounting block for chain-Idler and/or kickstand,  block only $29.95
Kickstand W/O mount, specify LWB, CLWB, SWB or Tandem $29.95
Chain-idler without mounting block, for LWB or CLWB $29.95
Kickstand & mounting block $55.95
Chain-Idler with mounting block $55.95
Chain Idler & kickstand complete with block  $84.95
Chain Tube with clamp, bolts to kickstand block $19.95
Bike Parts to fit Linear Recumbents: Price:
Bulldog Brake fits 26" rear wheel Linears SALE!   Was: $29.00   Now $19.00
16" front Wheel, QR hub, alloy rim         SALE!   Was:  $35.00   Now  $25.00
20" front Wheel, QR hub, alloy rim $45.95
Tires: 16"; 20"; 26"; 700c or 27" $24.50 and up
26" 3x8 dual-drive wheel with shifter, replace a 3x7 or get 72 speeds! $199.00
Parts for Iowa vintage Linear recumbents  
Iowa made folding Frame, beam only W/stops  SALE !  Was $360 $99.00
Iowa made headtube, folding, painted black      SALE !  Was $72 $49.00
QR bolts for folding frame joint, each $12.80
Rear brake standoff block, for 27" or 700c rear wheel Iowa Linears $8.00
Rear sidepull Brake Adaptor, for Iowa built Linears with 26" rear wheel $10.00



Postage and Handling on parts orders in the US 48 states is $5.00 per order.






We Accept The Following Payment Methods:

  Checks, Major Credit Cards and PayPal

To initiate order email 

or call 607-587-8835 10:00 - 6:00, Eastern-time, Wednesday through Saturday.
Do not email credit card info!